What our pets do for us. From family coherence to heroes!

From my experience, pets have a very special place in our family!
We had our first dog during the early months of our marriage. And because we wanted him to have a friend to play with, we brought our second pet three months later. So, from single to married and two dogs in less than six months. That was fast!

This paw lover journey has given us friends, knowledge and different perspectives. Here are some of the things we have seen our pets do for us and our Paw Lover friends.

Help us discover ourselves
For a young couple, having pets not only helps them fill the home and give a common goal but also helps them find out skills, strength, and weaknesses that are new about each other. Some people discover they are brave only when they were courageous for their pet. Look at this The Dodo video. It is a great accomplishment to find great things about ourselves that only pet flourishes in us.

Help with general and mental health
I lived all my life in my same hometown. After a few years of my marriage, we relocated far from home. This time was very stressful! But during this time, my pets gave me much of the power, reducing the depression stages of living out of my hometown for the first time. All the simple regular activities made me stand, walk, laugh at their curious actions, get angry at some nuttiness behavior, and even lay down together. 

There are other single Paw Friends that their pets are their companion supporting their day to day activities. It is very important to feel our need of belonging, and our pets help us do that.

Help in daily activities
I have the privilege to have a friend that has a guide dog. What an incredible bond they have! As an owner, she has to rely on the dog judgment and skills, while she has to guide him for what is needed, give him acceptance and nurture him for the excellent work.

Heroes for our health and adversities
It is still astonishing to hear the number of pets that save the owners lives during difficulties. Costco Connection Magazine, July 2018 edition, published an incredible summary of pet heroes that saved their owners live in different ways- by serving in the war, looking for cellphone while they have never fetch before, putting in front of a snake and a kid to protect them, sniffing cancer, waking up an owner because stopped breathing due to sleep apnea, helping children with trauma, among other amazing hero situations.

In summary, our pets are incredible, and even though we do a lot of things for them, they give us A LOT more each day that we account for!

They are awesome! That is why we are PAW LOVERS!


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