Pets jumping in your car? Here is a solution for your safe car travel

As part of our friendship with our pets, we want to bring them with us everywhere we can. But this process can result in some challenges; maintain our pets safe while enjoying our car drive. That means keep the pets from jumping around the car during a long journey.

I have two dogs with different "personalities", behaviors and needs. One of them is an intrepid dude that is ready for everything (jumping, opening bags or coolers, being out the window, etc.). Apart from that, he smells the food a mile away. So, inside the car, he tries to jump anywhere towards the food.

On the other hand, the outside is very attractive to these curious paw fellows. This means running around from one window to the other. Adding to the situation, some barking to anything interesting by the window.

Even though we try to drive and brake softly when our dogs are in the car, there are moments that are imperative for immediate hit the breaks.

For these reasons, we wanted to find a solution that might restrain the dog for the safety of everyone in the car while having space to move.

It turns out that there is a pet seat-belt that buckles one end to the car seat-belt and the other to the harness of the pet. This pet seat-belt leaves enough space for the dog to be curious around but in a restricted area. It is essential to use a harness, better if it's soft, to reduce the impact in the neck of a sudden movement.

If you are traveling outside your hometown, we recommend you always to check the pet travel's laws of the places you are crossing in your path. There are some that might require you to restrict your pets in a specific way (kennel, restricted but can only travel in the rear seat inside the car, etc.)

In summary, there are solutions for your pet travel challenges. Having a fun trip with our Paw Friends is possible.

Happy travels!

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