5 Tips for staying in a pet-friendly hotel

Pet lovers like us have developed a deep beautiful connection with our furry, four-legged friends. Sometimes is so tight, that we find it really hard to leave them behind when going on vacations, business trip, and other events far away from home. 

Nowadays there are plenty of options to leave our pets in a safe environment such as a pet spa/boarding, pet sitting and daycare. But at the same time, there is no hardship of finding convenient pet-friendly hotel accommodations, which makes it easier to bring our paw friends with us.

Even though is simple to find a pet-friendly hotel these days, there are still some little prices you may have to pay while traveling around with pets. Don’t get me wrong. These prices are not just monitory only. There are things you need to take note of in order to make the next trip with your pet a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

These are guidelines and tips that can help prevent complaints from other lodgers and the hotel management about your pet’s activities around hotel premises. Here are the simple and easy-to-follow tips.

1. Plan ahead and be well prepared

You see, when traveling with your pet, preparation begins with research on hotels in your destination locality, their pet policies, fees and all that. We believe technology will let you do that easily.

Pet Fees

Pet fees and policies in hotels around the world are relative different. While some hotels, though they are pet friendly, additional charges and often nonrefundable fees such as cleaning fees and damages fees for pets, others exercise a little bit leniency clause in this regard.

Since each hotel has its pet policy, it might impact your budget in different ways. As an example, you might encounter one of these regular fees (apart from deposits):
a. General fee per stay per pet
b. General fee per stay or period of time (indifferent to the number of pets)
c. A fee per day per pet
d. A fee per day (indifferent to the number of pets)
f. No fee but pay what your pet damages; among others

Be careful when you read the deposit and fees policy, because this can make a huge difference in your budget. It is definitively important to know all this before you embark on hotel booking with your pets in order not to extend expenses beyond your budget.

Pet Policies and limitations

Additionally, as relative as pet fees are so are hotels pet(s) policies. You might face some pet lodging limitations that are important before making any decision. These limitations usually are related to dog breeds, maximum pet weight and number of pets, type of pets, leaving your pets in a create while owners are outside the room and always have your pet contained while walking inside the hotel (the dogs should always be with a dog collar and dog leash or pet carrier- even the small dogs).

2. Be sure of the hotel location and noise levels

Like my beagle, most of our pets get anxious and nervous around rowdy, busy or overtly crowded environment. These awful distressed feelings can spark a really irrational and offensive behavior in pets. Others may not notice the difference, but you know your pets better than anyone. 

Therefore, before checking into a hotel with your pet, you need to review all these things. Usually, less crowded and quieter hotel and surroundings are a better choice so your pet can feel safe and comfortable.

3. Think about your best suited room location to request it at booking

There are benefits to be lodging in the first floor. You can reduce the stress of having to ride the elevator or use the stairs each time you need get something for your pet or go to potty walks. On the other hand, it can be better for your pet to lodge in a higher floor room if they get anxious when perceived cars and people constantly walking in the hall.

In summary, the best choice floor will depend on your preference and your pet’s behavior. Making your best decision over this, won’t only save you the stress, but will also prevent disturbance of other guests in the hotel.

4. Unfortunately, not everybody is crazy about our pets

Remember, you and your pet(s) are not the only guests in the hotel and probably is one of the reason why hotel pet policies were made as guidelines to make the stay of others comfortable as well. We may be diehard pet lovers, but there are others who are a not a bit interested in pets.

So when you are checking in, it is always better to remember that, following the hotel terms and policies and making good sense decisions, will help your stay be comfortable for everybody.    

5. Your pet’s hygiene pack must be locked and loaded

Your pet’s hygiene is important while at home and when you are on a trip as well. When you put your pet out of their routine, it might cause different potty reactions and encounter more accidents than usual. That is why your pet hygiene pack must be locked and loaded.

Hygiene pack consists of all the pet supplies needed to take good care of your pet and surroundings such as the following: rug cleaners, disinfectant sprays, scrubs, brush, bathing soap (just in case your pet gets naughty 😄), paper towel, potty bags, medicines and any other pet supplies you need. If you don’t have this kind of pack for your pet, we recommend you to put together one before embarking on any trip with your pet.


The most important thing is for you and your pet(s) to enjoy the time together. We hope that these guidelines will help you do that always preparing ahead and knowing your pet’s first.

Happy trip!

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